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Mens Head Before and After SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation for Treatment of Partial or Complete Hair Loss

An exciting highly advanced area of micropigmentation used to treat hair loss, scalp micropigmentation, when done professionally will replicate the tiny hair follicles of the scalp resulting in a look of hair restoration and a fuller head of hair.   SMP hair follicles can range from hundreds to thousands of pigmented dots per square inch. 


Mens head with large scar in hair

Scar Treatment

We offer a range of services that includes treatment of scar camouflage for scalp scars from existing hair graft transplants, scalp injuries, scars of the eyebrow or within the beard/moustache area.  We also have years of experience treating scars on the skin from surgical, injury or burn scars with skin colored custom pigments to reduce the appearance of the area of concern.


Side view of women's head showing hair loss

Alopecia, Bare Patches or Thinning Hair Treatment

For women the extent of female baldness can be measured by the Savin Scale which measures overall thinning as well as the density of the hair.  Scalp Micropigmentation offers immediate results and will instantly create the illusion of thicker hair, by camouflaging the affected areas of the scalp or bare patches. 

What is North State Scalp Center?

Your North State Leader in Advanced Hair Loss Solutions


Providing the most advanced hair loss solution, North State Scalp Center treats all levels of hair loss.  A unique and innovative solution to tackle male pattern baldness or thinning hair is taking the treatment of hair loss to a new level.  By placing tiny micro-dots into the scalp to represent the look of an emerging hair follicle, the scalp is transformed.   From a small area of thinning hair, scar or an entire head, scalp micropigmentation is a cost effective, minimally invasive and time efficient way to successfully transform your scalp.

Although we have been providing medical tattooing procedures since 2007 and cosmetic procedures since 2005, we were long ahead of the current concept and treating scalps with micropigmentation.  With much research and trial, in 2011 we placed our tattoo needle on a scalp for the very first time- the results were phenomenal.  Replicating tiny "hair follicles" on the scalp with a "micro" needle we were able to change our clients life.  The idea of sharing with Northern California about this alternative to other more expensive, and sometimes painful, hair restoration solutions and as the industry products and techniques have been perfected, we now present to you an exclusive hair loss solution, North State Scalp Center.  

Whether you have been experiencing hair loss over the past few years, or it is a relatively new topic of concern for you, we are here to help. By offering our services to you, we help you not only look better but also feel better from the inside out.  Our hair follicle replication is the non-surgical solution for both men and women, and is great for the following: Recreating the look of a shaved full head of hair on an entirely bald head. Camouflage scars on the scalp from previous hair transplants or from other injures. Adding density to thinning hair for both men and women. Camouflage areas of the beard in men that have scars or do not grow hair adequately.  

Your life changing solution is now just a few appointments away from hair loss treatment.   Our experienced SMP expert sets the highest standards in medical tattoo enhancements.  Since 2005 we have been providing state-of-the-art tattooing techniques in a professional setting.    


Start EARLY and Plan AHEAD for your Service..........

We are so pleased to share that our services are in such HIGH demand that we must ask for your patience when seeking an appointment at North State Scalp Center!  Your scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or medical tattooing service will be scheduled with the owner, Michelle Thau, and reserved exclusively for you.  You will receive her undivided attention.  Therefore, current wait times to be on our books are approximately 2-3 weeks for consultations and 4-6+ weeks for tattoo procedures.

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